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Resource Development

During the past few years, the staff of MWC has worked diligently toward developing partnerships and tapping into community resources. These resources have benefited MWC as well as community agencies because all interested parties have been able to achieve the collective as well as individual goals of working with individuals, children and families.

MWC utilizes a holistic approach that is strength based and client centered. Within our work with families, each family is viewed as unique. Clients are referred to MWC by the Department of Social Services (Worcester), Department of Mental Health, Department of Corrections, Department of Youth Services, Worcester Juvenile Court, Worcester Communities of Care, University of Mass emergency Mental Health Department, Great Brook Valley Health Center, Devereaux Therapeutic Foster Care, Dare Family Services, Worcester Public Schools and various other school systems throughout Central Massachusetts.

MWC has a diverse staff that is made up of clinicians of color, all of whom are culturally competent. The staff consists of licensed psychologists, licensed social workers, licensed mental health workers, licensed alcohol and drug counselors, and case managers. MWC has the language capacity to work with Spanish speaking families.